we’re a camping family, it turns out

we’re a camping family, it turns out

We’ve suspected that we were a camping kind of family for a while now, but our suspicions have been virtually untested until last weekend. And let me tell you, this was a bit of a test. The trip was somewhat “last minute” by our definition, since we had been aware of the opportunity for less than a week and it took a few days to find someone who was willing and able to let us borrow their car.

The somewhat rushed nature of the outing led to a couple of “malfunctions.” Most notably: one sleeping bag, no blankets. Less notably: no towels. The towels were easy to overcome. We played in the lake, but gave ourselves time to to dry off. The lack of blankets, however, led to a 3am run to a nearby town to hit up the Walgreens for some warmth.

Other than that, however, good times were had by all. We camped with two other families and a couple of other friends came up the 2nd night we were there. The kids ran around the grassy field together, they explored the woods, and they put together an obstacle race (mostly Simon, as he has two years on the other kids). Elsa learned a lot about how rocks taste. And acorns. And dirt. And sticks. (Although sticks are actually a delicacy she is quite familiar with.)

Micah and I counted among our blessings the fact that we just bought a “beach shade” that is actually a min-tent. Perfect for two little boys. So we slept as we do at home, with the boys in another room andElsa by our side. It worked pretty well, except for when Oliver woke up crying in the middle of the 2nd night and the only thing I could think to do was trade places with him. He slept the rest of the night on my air mattress and I slept on his thin mat. The sacrifices we make for our children . . . .

But, all in all, our suspicions have been confirmed. We like camping. We want to do it again. As much as we can. Hopefully, we can find people to let us borrow their cars.

2 thoughts on “we’re a camping family, it turns out

  1. You mean your bike can’t carry the whole family AND supplies for a camping trip?! Sounds like a deal-breaker to me…

  2. After our last camping trip, I decided camping with friends is much better. Camping can be a lot of work, but it really is fun and a great way to make family memories.

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