i stand corrected

i stand corrected

It was just a couple of weeks ago that I mentioned that Simon is, perhaps, the less athletically gifted of our two boys. And then, the very next day he set out to prove me wrong by showing us his skills with a ball and bat.

What started out as t-ball “practice” (at the first birthday of our friends’ daughter), quickly became Simon learning to bat for real, and surprising us by being . . . “not bad.” And then, after a few pitches, improving to “pretty good.” (Meanwhile, his brother seemed much more interested in hitting Elsa’s head with the bat. Ugh. Oliver.)

Of course, I’m not sure how that would translate on a real ball field, but it is intriguing. And it makes me think that it’s high time we actually put the kid on a field with a ball and his peers. With a coach and all. I think we’re going to wait until school starts to see if there are any partnerships the school has with sports leagues, but I think it might be time . . . .

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