dear uncle nate,

dear uncle nate,

You are a rockstar of an uncle. We will miss having you to jump on the trampoline with us.

Also, we are kind of a little bit jealous that you get to go to the Netherlands for two years. We hear they have cool bikes there. When you get home you’ll have to tell us if we are doing this “family bike” thing wrong.

It was a pleasure to be there to hear you speak in church, to share some Cafe Rio goodness, and to kick you out onto the curb at the MTC.

We are looking forward to seeing you in a couple of years, when Simon will be baptized, Oliver will be finishing up kindergarten, and Elsa will undoubtedly be talking our ears off.


lizzie and the crew.

ps it makes me so happy to call my little brother “Uncle Nate”

2 thoughts on “dear uncle nate,

  1. Also, when he gets back we’ll have to re-create the photo to see how much everyone has changed. I’m sad Ben and James aren’t in it!

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