I have a list of about half a dozen things I want to tell you all about from our trip to Utah, and I’ll try to get to them over the next several days, but something else happened that jumped to the front of the blog-fodder queue: our ward boundaries were realigned. And we got kicked out of our ward. Thankfully many of our closest friends got kicked out, too. And, thankfully, there was a leak in the chain of command and instead of being blindsided by it, we were given a week’s notice.

The ward we are in now is, apparently, in desperate need of a deeper bench and the 10 or so families in our neighborhood are supposed to help supply that. We’ve also been told that the goal is to help this other ward become more of a “destination ward” so that when people move to Brooklyn, there will be a couple of good, strong wards that they can feel comfortable joining.

All in all we feel really good about the change. We are committed to it. We are so glad that our friends are coming with us. I have actually felt really excited about it. Granted, our new building is a little farther away and no more convenient to get to than our previous building. And our new ward meets at 9:00am, which adds a new level of challenge to a family who was just starting to be confident in their ability to get there by 10:00. But we’ll wake up an hour earlier and be fine.

The only hiccup so far is that Simon took the news a little hard. He’s just realizing that he’s going to be the new kid at his school (there are actually about 10 “new kids” who will be coming into 1st grade at NEST), and a couple of his friends have moved away recently. So making new friends is on his mind and he’s feeling anxious about it. But I reached out to a couple of families I know who have kids his age and live relatively close and we’re going to try to spend more time with them. And yesterday I reached out to our new ward to find out if they have any kids his age. And, miracle of miracles, there is a boy his age. He even came to our ward a couple of times last summer when his family was moving to Brooklyn and looking for a place to live. Simon remembers him and is now much more excited to go to our new ward.

So that is that. On Thursday we are going to a ward BBQ. On Sunday we’ll go to church. And before too long we’ll be as home in our new ward as we were in our old one. That’s the hope.

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  1. It’s refreshing to read about other parent’s woes regarding their children’s ability to adjust to new places and new faces. I just noticed that I worry about that with Ahonui all the time…trying to fit in, get used to new things, making new friends, etc. Thanks for putting into words very nicely.

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