james and george

james and george


We’ve adopted some pets. A couple of frogs that we’ve been assured are extremely low maintenance and difficult to kill. We’re still skeptical that we will make good caretakers, but it’s never too early to learn about the cycle of life, right?

We picked them up from our friend’s house on Wednesday, which I realized might not have been the best timing since we were leaving to go to Utah for three weeks on Friday. The frogs, which Simon named James and George, only have to be fed twice a week and their tank cleaned every couple of months, but still, if we left them alone for the week and half that we will all be in Utah, that could be their doom.

The problem was solved, however, when my visiting teacher came by on Thursday evening. She asked if there was anything she could do for me, as usual. And for once, I had something. I’m sure feeding a couple of frogs was the last thing she expected to be asked to do as a visiting teacher, but I’m pretty sure that when your visiting teachees need something, it’s usually something weird and random like that.

Have you ever asked your visiting teachers for something weird like that? Or been asked to do something totally unexpected?

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  1. I called my visiting teacher and asked her to drive to the store and buy me some ice when my fridge stopped working. The store was close by, but I figured that if I took my stroller, by the time I got home the ice would be melted, which was my problem to begin with! I’ll always remember her help.

  2. I had a visiting teachee that asked me to get up at 5:30am in the winter time to go running with her on a regular basis. :) We got up and ran through the snow. Not my favorite. :)

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