we’re serious about a bike

we’re serious about a bike

We are getting a bike. I say “we” because the bike we are getting is a family bike. Something we all can ride. We tested a box bike and a tandem a couple of weeks ago and today we tested a longtail, which is what we’re really interested in getting. It seems like a good fit for our family, like it will fit in our apartment and adapt to our needs as our kids grow up. Plus it can cart our groceries around for us as well.

The test drive today went well. Everyone seemed to like the bike, which rode super smooth. The other bikes we tested were nice, but the boys liked the box bike better, I felt more comfortable on the tandem, and neither really seemed like it would actually fit in our apartment or in our lives.

As we walked away from the bike shop, I asked Simon what he thought of it. And he liked it. But he was a little concerned.

“If you guys want to buy that bike, you’ll have to save your money. And then you won’t have money to spend on other things,” he said.

“Like what?”

“Well, like food.”

I assured him that Dad and I would not touch the food money to buy the bike. Or the rent money. Or the clothes money. In fact, we had a special fund just for the bike. No need to worry about that. But good to know that he’s listening to us as we try to teach him how to manage his money.

And hopefully this investment in a bike will not discount all the money management lessons we’ve been teaching him. I’m pretty sure it won’t. I’m pretty sure we’re going to like having a bike.

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