winnie the pooh and tigger too

winnie the pooh and tigger too

Simon and his relationship with people in oversized costumes = hilarious. It’s like they are long lost friends. He runs and jumps into their arms, then bounces along with them or dances around beside them.

Meanwhile, Oliver . . . not so much. He hangs back, looks like he would prefer to go the other direction, but eventually decides that it couldn’t hurt to be cordial. He’s made a lot of progress from the days when he actually would scream and run the other way, or try to climb on top of the head of his nearest parent.

Oh, and it doesn’t matter if the costume is the familiar and lovable Tigger or a random ginseng. It’s big and soft and I guess that’s all that matters.

(The photos with Tigger an Pooh are from a Disney Baby event we were invited to through Babble.)

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