child model for sure

child model for sure

Remember last summer when the boys were photographed for a boy’s clothing line? Well, the pics are up! Simon looks fabulous. Oliver looked fabulous as well, but it looks like they didn’t use any of his . . . yet.

Just a little bit about Culdesac, the clothing line. The designer, Hayley Barker, noticed a disturbing lack of nice boys’ formalish clothes. (We noticed this lack as well last summer when we were looking for clothes the boys could wear to my brother’s wedding. They ended up with black jeans . . . .) Her solutions to the problem are perfect. Nice, but not too grown up. And the photography for the current line used the cutest models.

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2 thoughts on “child model for sure

  1. Hi Liz!

    He looks super cute:) The two twins and their sister in the shots are in my ward here in Manhattan! Small world:)

  2. He looks so handsome! This is definitely a much needed line of clothing. Last summer when I was looking for black pants for Grant for my sister’s wedding, I ended up buying some black shorts from Walmart because I honestly could not find them anywhere.

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