grand central centennial celebrations

grand central centennial celebrations

Grand Central Station is 100 years old this year and we’ve been lucky enough to participate in the celebration a bit here and there. At the Transit Museum we watched a performance to find out all the ways Grand Central has changed over the years and how it became a symbol of New York. We also discovered the secret of why there are so many acorns and oak leaves in the decor. (Hint: Mr. Vanderbilt, the benefactor, was once a little acorn himself.)

But we couldn’t leave our celebration at that a history lesson, as well done and fun and informative as it was. Not when there were “horses” dancing in Vanderbilt Hall! By some miracle, I managed to get me and the kids up to Grand Central a few minutes before the show started. And then I squeezed us through the velvet ropes just as the man was closing the Hall because it was full. And then I found a place where there was still a small amount of room for two little boys to squeeze in at the front. And then I stood back and took a million pictures and some video so we could relive it all later. (I’d post the video, but it’s really not that great. If you want to get a taste of the show as well as some context for it, watch this.)

I’m not going to lie, the dancing horses were great. But so was the feeling of having made it just in time to see it, and of having done it all by myself when usually I am the one who makes us late. Pardon me while I take a bow or two. I was really proud of myself for that. :)

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