no more “waiting for monday”

no more “waiting for monday”

The Sunday School lesson two Sundays ago was about keeping the Sabbath day holy. A common enough topic and one that I generally tend to say, “Yes, we do that,” and then move on. But as I listened and thought about our Sundays, I thought, “Sunday does not feel restful. Sunday does not feel ‘different.’ Sunday feels a lot like ‘waiting for Monday.'”

Micah and I spent some time that night discussing how we could make Sunday a day of rest instead of a day of naps, how we could involve the boys, and what we thought would be Sabbath appropriate activities. We also came up with a schedule for Saturday that would allow us to do our normal Saturday thing, but also include our brand-spanking-new “getting ready for Sunday” routine as well.

This week was our first attempt, and while I wouldn’t say it was a smashing success, it went well. Even though our Saturday was busier than normal since we had a birthday party and church cleaning duty on top of everything else. We also had guests (my brother and sister) for dinner.

But even with all that, we managed to do our Saturday chores. We got our Sunday clothes out and stocked our Sunday bag. I wrote my Monday post for Babble (the goal is to have Monday and Tuesday finished before Sunday), and prepped our Sunday meal as much as I could on Saturday night.

And we woke up a little earlier on Sunday morning. I made pancakes. We were not as rushed as normal, and although we left the apartment a little later than we’d hoped, we caught the trains well and arrived at church a few minutes earlier.

We came home to a clean apartment and were not (too) rushed getting things ready for our picnic in the park. We sent Chris on his way to the airport and walked to the park to meet our friends. And then we came home at a reasonable time and got the boys and ourselves to bed much earlier than normal.

It wasn’t a perfect execution of our plan, but we did well. Sunday felt restful, happy, clean, and much less like waiting for Monday.

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  1. I could definitely do this better. I am pretty much late to church every week and if I did a little more getting ready the night before I would probably feel less frazzled. Thanks for the good idea!

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