the first (of many) graduations

the first (of many) graduations

Oliver has been going to pre-pre-school this year. But with one of the 5 families involved moving and another going on vacation this week, we decided that since we managed to keep it up long enough to get through the alphabet, we’d call that good. The fellowship of Mensa Prep was breaking up, so we gave the kids a formal ending and some closure.

Yesterday we gathered in the park and shared of feast of Cinco de Mayo themed dishes and let the kids wear some paper caps and get a little “diploma.” It was all very short and sweet and in good fun. Superlatives were awarded. (Oliver received the “Happy to Help” award as well as runner-up for “Total Recall.”) Pomp and Circumstance was played from someone’s phone. 

And then we packed up and went home. It was also quite cold, and the shade was chasing us out of the park.

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