school next year

school next year

One thing about Oliver’s graduation that was not short and sweet: the reminder that Simon is not in school. We thought we had been clear that this was Oliver’s graduation, but as each of the kids were given their paper cap, it became obvious that Simon was confused. Where was his cap? Didn’t he get one? We tried to smooth things over, to let him wear Oliver’s cap, to whip together an award for him, but . . . it was too little too late. He was upset and we all felt bad.

Micah said that he really understood for the first time what I meant when I said that Simon needs kids his age to play with. And the whole thing broke my heart just a little bit. I can’t help but hope that we’re all able to forget this year and the boredom and frustration and disappointment. I suppose there may be some time when I’m able to look back and say, “It’s a good thing that things worked out that way . . . .” But I have yet to be able to find a silver lining.

This is especially timely because we are in the midst of applying for schools for Simon. The Board of Education changed some procedures this year and we are allowed to apply for whatever schools we would actually consider sending our child to, whether they are in our district or not. However, if we apply for out-of-district schools, he is still way down the list of kids who might get a seat. If there is still room after all the district kids have been placed, he may get a seat.

Since this is their first time doing things this way, we have no way of knowing if this improves our chances of a good spot or not. We do know that last year there were seats available in a school that we would have sent him to, but next year things may be totally different.

Tomorrow we are touring a few more schools and we need to submit our application to those schools by Friday. And then we wait. Again. We have decided that we will not be homeschooling him in first grade. He needs friends and I am not equipped to handle his education. However, if none of the schools we would consider have room for him, well, I don’t know. I guess we keep our fingers crossed that there is an affordable apartment in a better neighborhood. Again.

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  1. Awwww, Simon! I think you could consider spending a little more time with him a silver lining. I also think that he’s far more advanced compared to others his age. That’s a silver lining. I feel as though Ahonui kind of regressed this year in Kindy. I feel like he has more potential than he demonstrates, but that’s all that he has been expected to reach at this public school. He has learned to add and subtract only – Simon can do multiplication! That’s friggin awesome. Anyway…I thought about homeschooling as well so my son could actually be where I know he could be academically. But like you said, I don’t think that I’m equipped to handle his education. I don’t think I have the patience for it. Bad mom here. Okay, sorry for the novel. I’ll cross my fingers that Simon gets into a great school that will only improve his already awesome skills.

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