the best bike ever

the best bike ever

Last week I decided to start seriously looking for a bike. I’ve been casually thinking about getting one since Micah got his last summer, but now that Elsa is a little bigger and the weather is a little better, I got the itch to go shopping. The trick is that a bike doesn’t do me a whole lot of good if I can’t take my kids on it. Trailers scare me on city streets, and while it’s not too difficult to get two kids on a bike (one on front, one on back), getting three seemed a little more challenging. We stopped by a little bike shop nearby and they had one that seemed like a decent option – an extended cargo rack that could fit a bigger kid (Simon) and a seat (for Oliver) and then we’d put Elsa in a seat on the front. But then Micah dug a little deeper and found this:

And now I can think of nothing else. I really want that bike.

2 thoughts on “the best bike ever

  1. I recently found pictures of that bike via some other site; I agree it is awesome. I bought a bike trailer several months ago and recently started using it now that the weather is warmer. It’s a bit squished with both boys it in, so I mainly use it while George is in preschool, then Allen and I take off for the library or grocery shopping. Luckily we live close to a bike trail, and the other roads I go on aren’t that busy.

  2. Amen! Put that hooptie on my wishlist as well! A couple of summers ago I had one infant seat, a tag-a-long, and a trailer all attached to my bike. I could take along four kids at once – but boy did I look silly! And boy was it hard work. Our bike train was long and hard to manage. It got us around. But this option, with 3 kids on the back of my bike together – now that would be awesome!

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