simon’s birthday party

simon’s birthday party

Last week was crazy. More on the marathon and the aftermath later, but for now, let’s focus on Simon’s birthday party. Obviously we saw this coming. We knew it was going to be a busy week. But we were unable to avoid putting the party plans last on the list of things to do. Which meant that it wasn’t until 10:00pm the night before the party that we started planning it.

And I may have neglected to tell you this, but Simon’s favorite mobile game is no longer Cut the Rope. For some time now he has been all about MegaRun. A few months ago it would have been the peak of awesomeness to have a Cut the Rope-themed birthday party (and super easy too), by the time the birthday actually rolled around, MegaRun was the theme of choice.

I had no idea how to execute this thing, and it became even more daunting when I asked Simon for ideas and he got into all these elaborate and complicated games . . . oy! Made me want to take a nap. So the day before the party, when all we’d settled on was a cake that looked like the fireball power-up, Micah saved me from having to put Simon’s ideas into action and came up with a genius plan for the party. He planned all the games, he made the coins, he settled on the scoring system and how prizes would be awarded. And while Oliver and I ran to the store in the hours before the party to get gifts, prizes, goodie bags, and pretty much everything else we needed, Micah cleaned the apartment, decorated the cake, and prepped the games.

By the time Oliver and I got back, half the guests were already there. Thankfully, one of the moms stayed to help me stuff candy into balloons and tie them around skewers as goodie bags, a task I was sure would take me the entire party. With her help it took about 5 minutes. And while I wrapped gifts and prepped the food and my friend took pictures, Micah ruled (and rocked) the party with an iron fist.

It turned out just fine. I don’t think Simon had a clue that we threw it together in a couple of hours. And, thankfully, afterward Micah and I were able to sit down and catch our breath for the first time last week.

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