peep show results

peep show results

Finally got around to tallying up the Peep Show votes, and well, this is a little embarrassing but . . . well, I won. My entry “Peep Me in the Zoo” got 18 votes.

Summer Blackhurst came in a close 2nd with her very clever “Peeping Tom” entry.

And Sarah and Paul Israelsen claimed 3rd with “The Dark Peep Rises.”

I do want to give a shout-out to Simon who’s “School Peeps” missed the top 3 by one vote. True, he did have some help in execution from his father, but the idea was all his.

Thanks again to all who participated. We’ve had a great time with this the past 5 years. I will contact you about prizes in the next few . . . days . . . weeks . . . next time I see you . . .? Don’t hold your breath, but I’ll get around to it. Don’t you worry.

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