pi(e) day 2013

pi(e) day 2013

It’s never fun to be sick on a holiday, especially not on one so widely celebrated and well-known as Pi(e) Day. Right?

Okay, so maybe it’s just us. But still, it was a little bit heart-breaking to have to postpone our celebration to St. Patrick’s Day. It was for the best, of course, because who wants to go for pie and leave with the flu? The postponement, however, seemed to leave our celebration somewhat subdued. We had a decent showing, but it felt a little empty anyway.

Which was really too bad because I made some of the best pies ever. We did whoopie pies, which – in all honesty – didn’t turn out that great. But the lemon blueberry layer pie is something we will continue to fiddle around with in anticipation of our ward’s chili cookoff in October. And the butternut squash galette has me wondering if it wouldn’t be worth it to submit a savory pie to the contest. I just don’t know how it would be handled. I don’t know if it’s ever been done. But I do know that it was really, really tasty and I’m tempted to buck convention just because I think it is up to the challenge.

What do you think? Would a savory pie stand a chance in a pie contest?


2 thoughts on “pi(e) day 2013

  1. yay!! I was hoping for a pi(e) day post from you. those look soooo onolicious! way to keep the tradition going…

  2. oh and YES!!! I honestly feel that savory pies are very much underrated in the US. if it is as delicious and inventive as you say, i’m sure it will be well received. I love me some chicken pot pies and quiches…and I practically live off those delectable NZ meat pies – while in NZ. anyway, I thought I should add to my previous comment, since I didn’t answer your question the first time around. hehehe.

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