pinewood derby

pinewood derby

We did have an eye in the storm of flu symptoms yesterday. Oliver had been awake and energetic all day. Simon and Micah had shown nary a sign of illness for a few weeks. And it was a our ward’s pinewood derby.

Micah had been working on his car for a couple of weeks. The boys were excited and intrigued by the prospect of the race. So after dinner the boys headed out while Elsa and I settled down for a girls’ night (doing dishes, putting baby to bed 3 times, watching the first few episodes of “Party of 5,” Nutty Bars).

The car Micah built was in the “no rules” division. He rigged up a rubber band motor to propel his sleek red machine down the track to victory. Earlier in the day, the motor had not been doing so great. But the addition of some rubber tires from Oliver’s rip-roaring racing car seemed to do the trick and the boys were hopeful that if the rubber band didn’t back fire, they’d have a good showing.

As it turns out, only one other car was entered in the “no rules” division – one with a CO2 cartridge. The cartridge misfired the first run down the ramp: one point for the Heiselts. The second time both cars performed well and the other car came out the winner: tied at 1. And the third run, well, it looked like (Red) Rover nosed out the competition. But who could be sure? Very few people were paying attention at that point.

We’re claiming the victory.

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