keeping spirits up when we’re down

keeping spirits up when we’re down

It did not occur to me until just this week that more kids = more sick days.

With three kids and two adults passing this illness around, we’ve been basically housebound for a week now. Simon had a mild version a couple of weeks ago, but Elsa and I are suffering from upper-respitory issues, Oliver is sleeping like he’s gets candy for every hour he’s out, and Micah is just starting to get a taste of what we’ve been experiencing for the past several days.

Fevers, snot, coughing, achiness, fatigue. In short, I think we have the flu.

The good news is that most of our symptoms should be cleared up by tomorrow or Tuesday. The bad news is that the rest of our symptoms might linger for weeks.

We’re drinking essential-oil infused orange juice, honey-lemon tea, and recovery smoothies (berries, yogurt, almonds, ginger) to speed things along and keep us as comfortable as possible.

We’re sleeping as much as Elsa’s hacking cough will let us. (Poor girl, poor parents.)

And we’re trying to keep our spirits up by baking birthday cakes. Because birthday cakes are sure to raise anyone’s spirits, even if it isn’t anybody’s birthday.

(This cake is a blackberry cake with blackberry buttercream and blackberry puree details – Simon was the art director for the cake design.)

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