superboy! (or supermom?)

superboy! (or supermom?)

Yeah, he looks pretty awe-inspiring in that cape made from an old bedsheet, with the symbol based off a tattoo. Those star-studded cuffs are pretty tough, and that mask is sure to intimidate the fiercest villain.

All in all, he’s a pretty super-looking super. I’ll give you that.

But let us not forget that he has a mother who devoted several hours of her life to creating that super look. And a father who found and cut out that super symbol. Let us not forget that, people. It takes devoted parents to create super people.

I’m not even joking.

One thought on “superboy! (or supermom?)

  1. A-to the MEN!!! you & micah definitely have super powers, in my opinion. every halloween i’m excited to discover the costume goodness that you folks come up with for your babies. this one is definitely super…especially since that hero is such a cutie.

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