v-day 2013 part 1

v-day 2013 part 1

We got all sorts of crazy with our Valentining this year. Homemade Valentine cards, handwritten notes from me (+ chocolate!), a mad scramble to get to the post office on Monday so our Valentines would arrive on time.

And we had a good time doing it. Valentines, as with so many other things, is a lot of fun with kids – especially ones with opinions and abilities. The boys gave me a long list of people they wanted to send Valentines to, and Micah and I went to work coming up with something that wouldn’t be too difficult for them and that they would be excited about helping with. We went with a Cut the Rope/Omnom theme and the boys loved it.

For my part, I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with some age/interest appropriate Valentines for the boys, and even more pleased that they came together in just a few minutes but are so very laden with meaning and abstraction (the card is supposed to resemble a pb&j sandwich, a touch I point out because Micah didn’t notice it and so it might be a little too abstract).

Elsa didn’t get a Valentine from me this year. Micah did get her a new pair of leggings which are super cute and I am totally jealous of. But I’m not sure she’s going to get one next year either, after her up-until-2:30am-screaming antics. Crazy girl.

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  1. love it! i like that you teach your children early that vday is a special day – not by worldly means, but by creative, thoughtful, and a way to show that you love them means. cute ideas!!

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