the obsession continues

the obsession continues

As we put the boys to bed the other night and left them in their bunks, Simon issued me a command: “Now, Mom,” he said, “try to open the Lantern Box.”

“Will do,” I said, thinking that I might play a few levels of Cut the Rope just before I went to bed, gather a few more stars so that in the morning, he could finish off the job himself and have the joy of watching the lock on the box disappear and 25 new levels of feeding Omnom open up to him.

But just a few minutes later Simon’s voice carried through the door, “Mom? Are you working on it? Have you gotten any more stars?”

He asked a few more times before I realized that he wasn’t going to bed until I had made some progress. So I quickly wrapped up my post on Mother Runner and sat down with my phone so I could make my child’s dreams come true.

It took Micah and I another half hour or so, trading off levels before we reached the magical number of stars to open the box. Simon was still awake. He’d insisted we give him progress reports every few minutes. Micah let him out of his room and brought him in for the unlocking of the box. The boy played four levels in quick succession, getting all three stars in each of them. Then he handed the phone back to me and went to bed.

However, that was just one more step in the progress of his obsession. For the past couple of days we’ve been working hard to get all the stars in all the boxes. Last night as I rocked Elsa to sleep, Micah finished up getting all the stars in the Valentine’s Box, the last of the five boxes in season 1.

So that season is done. But then I looked at the five boxes in season 2, and the four boxes in season 3. We have seven more boxes with plenty of stars to earn. Omnom’s going to eat a lot of candy in the next little while. And I’m just going to go with it. It quality family bonding time. It’s good for us to work toward a goal together. It’s good to support Simon in his interest. It’s good to learn persistence and patience. Even in the name of feeding a little green monster on a tiny screen a piece of candy.

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