full of surprises

full of surprises

In my life I have been told — with unfeigned, totally sincere surprise — that I am 1. Pretty 2. Funny 3. Fun to hangout with. By people I have known for a long time. And they had just realized it about me. After years.

I don’t even know how to deal with that. I guess I’m good at … putting my worst foot forward? Maintaining an air of boringness? Tricking people into writing me off?

So, in case you didn’t quite know what to think of me, I’m pretty, I’m funny, and, goshdarnit, I’m fun to hangout with. Just so you’re not surprised later on.

I’m glad we can get that out in the open.


And I’m not telling you this to “encourage positive feedback.” I just think it is funny. Maybe you can relate?

2 thoughts on “full of surprises

  1. i gotta say lizzie – and i hope you don’t get offended by this, but i think i’m one of those people. i’m sad that i didn’t get to know you better with all those hours we had together every day. with all the years and miles between us now, i still think that i’m getting to know you…and i agree with you: you ARE pretty, and HILAROUS, and i wish we could have hung out more when you were here. thanks for being a wonderful inspiring writer! i still love reading your stuff.

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