great ball contraption

great ball contraption

We are now accepting donations so that we can build a fancy-schmancy great ball contraption out of Legos. You know how to contact me. We appreciate any denomination you choose to use, but would prefer $100s.

Where are we going to build this great ball contraption? you may ask. In our little tiny apartment, of course. If we can build a bunk bed in here, we can build anything.* And it would be totally worth the space because the boys would not need to move ever again because they will be mesmerized by the workings of such a thing.**

*We can’t really build anything.
**It would totally not be worth the space even if the boys never moved again. But you try telling them that.

2 thoughts on “great ball contraption

  1. Your boys would love it! After reading about the bunk beds and how handy they are with tools, I’d love to hear how excited/involved they’d be with something like this. Makes me wonder what they’ll be when they’re all grown up!

  2. We watched this more than once and all of my kids were in complete awe…as was I. Totally and completely awesome.

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