bunks for our punks

bunks for our punks

As I write this, the boys are lying in their new bunk beds. Micah has been working on them on nights and weekends for the past three weeks. This morning he put the last touch-ups on the paint job, and after dinner he and the boys put them together. They just barely fit in their tiny bedroom. Their dresser fits as well, but if we had hoped to squeeze a crib in there, too – or even in place of the dresser – those hopes were dashed by the door of the closet/pantry, which we need to be able to open.

But the beds! So fun. So fun to see the boys get so excited about helping Micah build them. And it was like Christmas every morning when they woke up to see what he was able to accomplish the night before. It was so fun for them to learn about tools and how to build things. This morning when I was taking apart the crib and getting their room ready for the bunks, I had merely to ask for one of them to get me a tool and they were all over it. It makes me happy that my 3-year-old can look at some nuts and bolts, know that he needs a wrench to loosen them, and then go find the right tool and put it to use.

And when they were all assembled and the mattresses and sheets were in place, we had our scripture study and family prayer on the bunk beds. It was so homey to be lying there on the bottom bunk with Elsa, listening to Micah read with the boys on the top bunk. We are really pleased with how they turned out. (Let’s just hope it’s a while before we have that first bunk bed related injury.)

2 thoughts on “bunks for our punks

  1. I love that you folks are builders. I know Micah’s a creative genius and all, but how’d he learn how to do all that? Wish we could save money by doing all that stuff ourselves.

  2. Wow! They turned out fantastic! Nice job Micah! And Simon and Oliver! :) we were just talking about where and what to do for Sophie. Obviously she’ll be in our room for a while, but after that?? Not sure. Right now the furnace and dishwasher have made themselves a priority. Boo. I suppose there’s always a project to be working on. Again, nice job on the beds!

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