test time

test time

January is the time when the 6-month gifted-and-talented saga begins (unless you count that you have to sign up for the test by November – then it’s an 8-month saga). The kids take the test at the end of January, parents receive results and school options in April, they submit their ranking of school choices the next week, the results of the sorting are sent out in June, and if all goes poorly (as it did for us last year), the deadline for submitting paperwork to be a homeschooler is July 1.

It feels like we just did this. Probably because it has only been a few months since we finally gave up on getting Simon into school this year, and by that time we had already signed him up to take the g&t test this year.

Thankfully, Simon really likes to do “puzzles” and take tests. His testing time was last Saturday afternoon. We sat in the school auditorium for nearly an hour and a half while he answered all the questions correctly. (At least, he thinks he got them all right.) He took longer than any of the other kids, which is fine. Haste makes waste, right? But he said he had a good time and really enjoyed the puzzles. We’re hopeful that he did well enough to, once again, be at the top of the list for a seat in a school we can actually take him to.

While he was testing and we were practically the only parents left, we talked to some of the facilitators. One of them said that it is possible to get the enrollment office to give us what we want, whatever that may be, but we have to be obnoxious. Like, really obnoxious. To the point where they realize that we aren’t going to go away and the only way to get us off their backs is to give us what we want. We’d been told before that we need to be fierce advocates for our child, and we tried to do that. But it sounds like maybe we didn’t go far enough. I understand the theory behind this advice, and I understand that this is a very important and worthwhile thing to fight for. But I am not the kind of person that likes to be obnoxious. I don’t like being where I’m not wanted. I hate confronting people. I’m not good at making my needs clear. And the thought of doing that makes me very tired. Still, if I have to, I’ll try. I just really, really, really hope I don’t have to.

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  1. Do you watch the TV show Parenthood? There was a character in a couple episodes this season who epitomized this kind of “so obnoxious that everything goes her way because people want to be rid of her” behavior. Maybe you could watch it to channel that kind of attitude.

    By the way, I hated her. Which is why I am so so sorry that that’s the best advice you’ve heard. Because I know you would hate being that woman too.

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