Elsa the Eaglet* has become mobile. Backwardly mobile. It’s funny to see her on the ground and to watch her and to never see her actually move, but then have to rescue her as she pushes herself farther and farther under the couch in an attempt to get herself out of the mess she’s gotten herself into.

She also is rolling a bit more now. Still only front-to-back, but she’s working on the back-to-front thing. Let’s hope we get her out of her Moses basket and into the crib before she makes it all the way. *Fingers crossed.*

*We’ve decided that her “squeaking” is actually much closer to “screeching.” Like an eagle. Thankfully, she doesn’t screech when she’sangry. I can handle happy screeches.

2 thoughts on “mobile

  1. Check out that hair!! And cute- I am also a fan of “Elsa the Eaglet”. It would crack me up to find Lydia wedged under her crib, trying to get herself out of the predicament she found herself in. Why is backward crawling so much easier?

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