homeschool update

homeschool update

I’m going to be honest here: homeschool is not terribly high on my list of priorities. Or it hasn’t been, anyway. It’s still something that both stresses me out and seems slightly unnecessary since Simon is so far ahead of most children his age. I can probably count on one hand that number of days I actually sat down and did “school” with him last year.

But I’m trying to ease myself into a more serious undertaking, so we’re doing “school” every day now. What this looks like in practice is story time and a math page. I sit with him and supervise his math page and offer pointers. We’re starting with addition and subtraction, which he is already really good at, so my pointers are usually along the lines of: “That’s a nice nine, but you might want to make the tail a bit longer in case someone else thinks it looks like a sloppy zero.” Or, “That seven is so tiny I can’t even see it!”

The workbook we are using has an addition/subtraction table that Simon though was really fun, so we decided to make one for multiplication/division as well. I wrote it out, but he figured out all the answers and told me what to write. So, in case you were wondering, my 5-year-old can multiply.

Story time is simply that. We read together. Usually I read and Simon chimes in whenever I misread a word. And sometimes he reads, too. Mostly to Oliver. We’ll talk about what we’re reading and then we’ll read some more.

Easy enough for now. Eventually we’ll work up to more structured school. Or maybe he’ll actually go to school and we won’t have to.

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  1. that’s awesome that you homeschool simon. i know that i can simply google homeschool information, but where/what do you use to create his curriculum? I think that’s something that I would definitely be interested in. I know ahonui is capable of so much more than he’s showing in school. any advice you can give would be great. thanks lizzie!

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