i’ve been lied to

i’ve been lied to

For as long as Oliver has been alive, people have been telling me he looks just like his dad. Just like his dad. I’ve been fine with that. I think Micah is a fine specimen of a human being. The world can use as many little clones of him as we are willing/able to produce.

But then my sister texted me this picture and all I could think was: “I’ve been lied to.”

Because when I see that picture, I immediately think of this picture:

Am I right? Is there just a little bit of me in Oliver? Just a smidge? Maybe . . . ?

4 thoughts on “i’ve been lied to

  1. Oh my heck! Check out your smiles! Is that where you see similarities? I agree, there is some of you in Oliver, but I don’t know if I can pinpoint exactly what it is. Can you?

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