christmas morning 2012

christmas morning 2012

I promised more photos from Christmas morning, and I always try to make good on my promises. We took things easy, let the kids open their gifts, explore them, play as long as they liked, and then moved on when they were ready. By far the biggest surprise was Simon’s reaction to his new bike. Micah and I were expecting him to be really excited about it, but he was mostly just confused. Our big reveal fell flat. Ah, well. Once he got used to the idea, he loved it. The giraffe-zebra-elephant thing seemed to be the favorite. The boys picked that out for Elsa. Simon wanted to get her something to grab, and that seemed to fit the bill. Something for her to grab as they drag it around the apartment with her crawling in pursuit. That’s how it plays out in my mind, anyway. Elsa also got her bear. We each have one now. Simon has one from Hawaii and Oliver and Elsa from New York. That is one of my favorite traditions we have.

Side note: One bonus about being the photographer on Christmas morning: no photos of me in my pjs with my bedhead. Ha!

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  1. Smart girl! I think I’ll plan to be photographer next year to avoid those awesome bedhead pictures! Looks like a great Christmas. Elsa’s not crawling already, is she? Wouldn’t surprise me, but I have to ask!

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