winter wonders

winter wonders

One of the nice things about being at Grandma’s is that she can watch little Elsa while Micah and I show the boys how to make a snowman.

This particular snow is pretty dry, so rather than rolling balls, we shoveled as much as we could into a pile and packed it tight for a body. The boys threw snowballs and made snow angels while Micah and I did that. But they were all about the details. Sticks for arms. Sticks for eyes. Sticks for mouth and nose.

I’m pretty sure it’s been ages since I saw such a happy snowman. Or been so happy about being in the freezing cold snow myself.


And then there was the Christmas tree. Micah and I are firm believers that ye shall have a live tree or ye shall have no tree at all. And although we are not opposed to buying one off the lot in any way shape or form, we thought it’d be fun to cut our own tree. I’d never done it before. The boys had certainly never done it before. And since we don’t know when we’ll have the chance to do it again, we did it now.

Personally, I think this picture is one for the ages.

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