close call

close call

So, we borrowed our friends’ car to come to Ohio. And, of course, we are terrified of doing anything to it. You know, getting in an accident or something. Micah and I both have perfect records, and we’re both very careful drivers. But sometimes the roads aren’t as cooperative.

The other night we went to dinner at Micah’s uncle’s house. It had snowed all day and was really windy. We were on an especially treacherous stretch – where the wind was blowing the snow all over the road – when we spun out (a complete 180) and went into a ditch. We were fine. Oliver slept through the whole thing, the snow was really soft, the ditch wasn’t terribly deep. But we were still stuck. And although we were all pretty calm through the whole ordeal, I can’t say I didn’t imagine the car rolling as we slid off the road, or another car losing its footing and slamming into us, or several other situations to make the skin crawl.

As it was, Mom Heiselt has AAA and was able to call and get us a tow truck within 30 minutes. Half a dozen other cars stopped to be sure we were okay and able to get help. And the tow truck driver himself was amazing. He got us out quickly and safely, and he was aware enough (as I suppose you have to be) to run and dive into the snow when another car misread the road and went off right where we did. If he hadn’t been so alert, he would have gotten slammed. *shudder*

Add that to our very long list of things to be grateful for. (And also, that our friends’ car is fine. Phew!)

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  1. I’m glad you guys are OK! That’s crazy about the other driver and your tow truck operator. I’ve heard a few stories where people have stopped to help and gotten hurt, themselves. :(

    Yay for Grandma’s house and for going on trips.

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