Early Christmas came yesterday: Micah was released as the ward executive secretary, a calling he’s had since we moved into our ward more than 4 years ago. (That’s an especially long time for our transient ward.) It was somewhat unexpected, although before he left for his meeting on Tuesday, Micah made a comment about not getting trunky – and then quickly realized that he had no idea if he was nearing the end or not. He could have been there for 4 more years as far as he knew.

But he didn’t have 4 more years. He barely had 4 more days. And although everyone keeps reminding me that he’s likely going to get a new calling soon and that that may mean more meetings and more being away from us, I’m going to take the little break we have and enjoy it. For at least a little while, we’ll be going to and from church together. I’ll have someone to help me get the kids ready for church. We’ll be able to leave right after the meeting. And Tuesday night he’ll be around to help me get the kids in bed as well.

(For my part, I haven’t minded getting the kids ready by myself or putting them to bed by myself or anything. It would have been nice to have him around sometimes, but I feel like I managed just fine and got us to church on time at least once a month.)

It seemed as if the news shocked a lot of people in our ward. Micah has been one of the first people a lot of them had met when they moved in. He’s been there “forever” – longer than any other current member of the bishopric. Some people thought he was released because we were moving (not so). And with the end of the year just a few weeks away and us going out of town this week, it felt like we were saying good-bye.

We’re not, of course. We’re still here. But it feels nice to have completed a job, and completed it well.

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