christmas open house

christmas open house

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again: we’ve come a long way.

Our first Christmas open house attracted exactly one other couple. It was snowing, but they already had a baby-sitter so they braved the elements so we could play mah-jongg. Good times, but slightly embarrassing for us.

Since then, we seem to have developed some street cred or something to draw people out in inclement weather and come to our little apartment for hot drinks, bread and spreads, french onion goo, and a cookie exchange of sorts.

Last night our apartment was packed. We kept thinking that people would say, “This is too crowded, we’re leaving.” But they didn’t. They stayed and stayed and stayed. And it was awesome. We loved it. (We may not have loved that they all left the cookies/treats they brought, but at least we were able to freeze them for later.)

The only thing I regret is that the day of the event I realized that there were several people who somehow didn’t make it on the invite list. And I feel bad about that because we would have loved to have them. But I guess there’s always Pi Day in March to make up for it.

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