advent stars

advent stars

Our mornings this month have been a little different than other months because the first thing the boys do is get dressed. Then they climb on the couch and Simon reaches to grab the nearest paper star that is hanging in the doorway, and the two of them rip it open together to find (sometimes) a little treat and (always) a slip of paper with something to do on it.

So far we’ve made cards for a neighbor, watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special, found gifts for each other and Elsa, sang songs, decorated cookies, had friends over, and many other things.

Tonight we’ll play the dreidel game (with m&ms!) for the last night of Hanukkah.

This is way better than breaking a link off a paper chain every day. (But next year, I think I’m going to make something more permanent than paper stars. Any thoughts?)

2 thoughts on “advent stars

  1. I’ve been thinking of making some kind of advent calendar, but not sure yet what exactly I want it to be like. We do some fun activity every day, but I think the boys would really enjoy a visual manifestation of things to look forward to. I like your hanging stars idea. You could use fabric instead of paper (maybe felt), and velcro them closed.

  2. I have a cross-stitch advent calendar, something I made years ago from a pattern in Woman’s Day. It’s a tree with Velcro circles for ornaments that are kept in 24 numbered pockets. When the tree is full, Christmas is the next day. You could do something like that in felt, I imagine, or even get a small artificial tree and collect various small ornaments and save a star topper for the 24th. We also keep to-do messages in the pockets, stuff I found in a Friend magazine once.

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