little squeaky

little squeaky

This video is only for people who don’t mind watching things that are upside down. Or things that are somewhat painful to the ears. Or things that are actually rather boring.

It is also for people who can’t get enough of their granddaughter or niece or cousin.

And possibly for those who wonder how girls are different from boys. We never heard noises like that coming from Simon or Oliver.

3 thoughts on “little squeaky

  1. I love it!! Lydia goes through squeaky phases. Most recently she’s become a chirper. Sometimes it sounds like we have a very loud and high-pitched bird running around the house. Makes me laugh too. Aren’t little girls fun?

  2. So cute! It’s funny because Dan just asked me today if I liked being the mother of a girl. I said, “sure, but so far she isn’t much different from what Grant was like as a baby other than the fact that she makes higher pitch noises.” I guess that’s a girl thing.

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