as it turns out, I’m boring (but you already knew that)

as it turns out, I’m boring (but you already knew that)

“Mom, do you think you could tell Dad’s stories?”

“Uh, I don’t think so. Only Dad knows Dad’s stories. Why? You don’t like my stories?”

“Well, Dad’s are just more  . . . interesting.”

Simon did go into a little more detail as to why Micah’s stories are more interesting than mine. It sounds like he doesn’t like the episodic nature of my stories. He prefers Micah’s serial storyline. And also the fact that things actually happen in Micah’s stories.

I don’t blame him. I know Micah’s stories are better. But I was kind of surprised to be called out about it. Those boys seemed so excited about Robbie the Egg/Chick (she hatched!) that I thought they were willing to let it slide.

Not so. I’ve pretty much been fired as the bedtime story-teller.


I was going to say, “Their loss,” but really, it’s nobody’s loss. In fact. I think it’s pretty much a win all around.

One thought on “as it turns out, I’m boring (but you already knew that)

  1. It was pretty much the highlight of my night when Clark told me Adrian’s stories are more interesting. I was able to go downstairs and tell Age he was requested and I got out of a night of story-telling. It’s truthfully not my favorite thing. Reading books? I can totally do that. Make up a story? Totally can’t. So I agree with you–a win all around!

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