grateful for reasons to stay in (and to go out)

grateful for reasons to stay in (and to go out)

It’s a rainy day today. And cold.

I was teaching preschool today.

That means I had to stay home.

Sure, I have errands to do. But they’re not urgent. They can wait.

If I didn’t have six little people over to learn about the letter I, I would have had to go out this morning. I would have had to get the kids all bundled up so I could push the stroller down to someone else’s house. I would have felt obligated to get the shopping done.

But I didn’t have to. I’m grateful we had a reason to stay in this morning.

Still, I’m grateful to have a reason to go out this evening. Because The Nutcracker and lights and music sounds like a great way to get us further into the holiday spirit, which will warm us from the inside out. And that’s worth going out in the cold for.

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