grateful for people who are better at things than I am

grateful for people who are better at things than I am

Powder Puff football game. Four on four. Relief Society activity. It was a tight game, nerve-wracking even. And I learned that  although I seemed to know more about football than most of the other ladies, I was useless as anything but a running back. I’m no receiver. My one QB sack was ruled by the 10 year old ref to have been illegal. And I couldn’t pull a flag to save my team. I did have a few good blocks, but nothing to write home about.

But Mara was great at batting down passes. Receiving, too. Suzie’s hands seemed magnetized to the flags of our opponents. And Sarah was a confident QB and smart team leader. Which meant victory for Team Orange, 42-28. And so I’m grateful that those ladies, despite not caring a whit about football, are such good sports and willing to use their talents for the benefit of all. Or at least Team Orange and all the husbands who were having the time of their lives watching their wives throw down.

I’m also grateful for the opportunity to see in a condensed way how it benefits everyone for people to have different strengths. I sometimes get frustrated that I’m not as good at some things as other people who are not as interested in them as I am. But just because they are better than me at those things, that doesn’t diminish my own gifts or contributions to the world. I am just grateful that I can contribute anything at all.

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