grateful for elsa’s labor record

grateful for elsa’s labor record

“Started having some CTXs [contractions] on 7/22, slept through night, then CTXs on and off throughout day 7/23. Went to bed @11p, woke up at 1:50a @ first strong CTX. Called me at 2:25a to come over.”

Thus begins my midwife’s documentation of Elsa’s birth. The form is 5 pages long, although Elsa was born by the end of page 1: “Lizzie moved from birth stool to hands and knees and then pushed to [something] of baby girl from LOA position. 5:39a. Baby spontaneous cry before body fully delivered. Lizzie picked up baby immediately to her chest.”

I haven’t read through it many times, but when I have, I have been able to remember so well that morning in our bedroom, sitting on the birth ball, moving to the bed, feeling pushy, feeling discouraged, wondering if I was really progressing, and then, suddenly being ready to push, and, minutes later, picking Elsa up and holding her for the first time, so happy, so relieved, so grateful.

I’m so glad my midwife made her notes available to me. I’m grateful for her help and love and friendship in delivering Elsa. And I’m grateful that I can read through the labor record again and again and remember what a special morning that was. 

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