grateful for unpredictable buses

grateful for unpredictable buses

Usually the bus home from Trader Joe’s is predictable. It is predictably late. Or it predictably runs 30 minutes apart rather than the scheduled 20. Or it is, in some other way, predictably inconvenient. But I take the bus home from TJs anyway, for a couple of reasons: 1. It’s a free transfer from the train – saves me $2.25. 2. The bus stop is closer to TJ’s than the train station. 3. It drops me half a block from my house rather than 6 blocks. I find the benefits worth it when I’m carrying a bunch of groceries and herding the boys.

But that doesn’t mean that I enjoy waiting for the bus for 20 minutes. So today, when we were a block a way from the bus stop and the bus passed us and we missed it (and I was carrying a 13 lb. frozen turkey, a 15 lb. live baby, and 2 other bags filled with groceries), I was a little bit grumpy. And snappish. But, thankfully, I remembered that I didn’t want to be snappish and I took a couple of breaths and apologized and tried to be optimistic while wondering if the next bus was going to be late and we were going to be standing at the stop for 30 minutes.

(waiting for the bus in a different time, but the same place . . . ) 

Then, miracle of miracles, after only 8 minutes another bus rounded the corner and picked us up. I don’t know how that managed to happen, but it pretty much saved my busy day and restored my quickly crumbling mood to levels that were slightly stabler. Slightly.

So, while I usually curse the “predictability” of the buses, today I am ever so grateful that they are unpredictable. Because sometimes, once a year maybe, they are going to be unpredictable in my favor and that is worth holding onto.

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