grateful for friends, far and near, now and then

grateful for friends, far and near, now and then

Today is November 14th. That means that it is the day that I get to write one of my friends from junior high so I can wish her a happy birthday. We only went to school together for a year, but even after she moved, we would have sleepovers a few times a year. We went to science fairs and music recitals together. We’ve stayed in touch and exchanged birthday greetings for half our lives now.

I’m grateful for that. Grateful for the friends that I have that I haven’t seen in years. Grateful to know they’re still my friends. I’m grateful for the friends I have now that will be friends for years to come. I’m grateful for the knowledge that there will be more people in my life that I haven’t met yet who will be my friends forever, too.


2 thoughts on “grateful for friends, far and near, now and then

  1. I had a dream last night that I was having dinner with your family. It made me want to come look at your blog and see what you are up to. I’m glad for our friendship, even if it was brief, too.

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