grateful for a glimpse

grateful for a glimpse

This week was . . . tiring. And overwhelming. In so many ways. But yesterday, things came together.

I went for an early run. Got Oliver ready for school and a friend picked him up and drove him there. Took Simon and Elsa to run errands. Had “class” with Simon as we walked through the neighborhood. Checked out some books so we could research the things he’s been wondering about. Made lunch. More school: experiments, reading, discussions, object lessons. Read stories when Oliver got home. Locked myself in my room to feed Elsa and told the boys not make any messes or bother me because I needed a break. Fed Elsa, then wrote for half an hour before the boys needed me again.

I made a tasty, healthy dinner (barley risotto with beans and kale) that everybody ate and enjoyed, and baked some pumpkin scones for breakfast. After the boys were in bed, Micah and talked and played a game and gave ourselves some time away from our unpaid work.

The whole day felt like a gift. Like a glimpse into how life may, eventually, be. I will be able to figure out homeschool. I will be able to get up early to run on a regular basis. I will be able to take time for myself, even if it means putting a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door for an hour. Micah and I will be able to step away for a little while when we need to. I will be able to teach my kids and do the errands and make delicious dinners and bake and read and write. It’s happened once. It can happen again. It’ll get better, it’ll be easer.

I’m very grateful for that glimpse into where my life is going.

3 thoughts on “grateful for a glimpse

  1. I’ve loved reading these gratitude posts. I love that your boys are such great buddies, and hope that Lydia and Sophie will be just as close. I’m so glad that you had such an amazing day, and yes, we definitely need days like that every once in awhile to remind us that they are possible and actually do happen. I love running too and need to be a little more dedicated to getting out there even when it’s ridiculously cold. So thank you for posting. I look forward to reading about the coming days.

  2. Forgot to mention that I love this picture of your kids. Elsa looks like a little doll and I can just imagine how much her brothers love her. Adorable.

  3. A piece of homeschooling advise: If one day in 10 goes mostly as planned, you are doing great! For them to go as planned every day, you’d have to be in heaven!!!

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