grateful for my legs

grateful for my legs

Sometimes I keep track of the miles.

On Monday I ran 4.25. Then we walked 1.8 miles to the doctor’s, and 1.8 miles back home. In the afternoon, we walked another .9 of a mile to a friend’s house, watched a movie, and walked home. Almost 10 miles that day. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Sometimes my legs like it because it’s been too long since I really used them and they are happy to be of service. Sometimes they get a little tired of it. And sore.

But even when they are tired and sore, they get me where I want to go. And my family, too. Because often, it’s my legs that are doing the work for two or three or even four of us.

I’m grateful to my legs for that. Grateful that they get me to playdates and preschool, as well as to better frames of mind and sunnier moods. Grateful that they keep me going so I can take care of my family. Grateful that even though I ask a lot of them, they are willing and able to deliver.

2 thoughts on “grateful for my legs

  1. I love this! I’m so grateful for my legs, too. That I can walk and run and use them until they are tired. We walk to school here in Texas, and I think every single other person drives (maybe not, but it seems like it!). I hope I never lose the love of walking that I gained in New York.

  2. Amen!! (Oh yeah, I know you wrote this eons ago, but I couldn’t stop myself from commenting…)

    Why does it take seeing someone in a wheelchair or with synthetic legs for most people to appreciate their legs? Ten miles in one day aint bad, actually, that’s great! See, always an inspiration, Lizzie. 😉

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