grateful for the brotherhood

grateful for the brotherhood

It used to be that as soon as the boys woke up, they’d come in and beg for their breakfast.

Then, they waited until 7:00 before they came in to beg for their breakfast.

Now, they’ve pretty much stopped begging for their breakfast.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not entirely sure why this is. It could be that they’ve realized that we’re tired and it’s no fun pestering Mom and Dad when they are tired. Maybe.

But I like to think it is because they are having too much fun playing together. They are old enough now that they play together really well and it warms my heart to hear them wake up in the morning and talk about what they are going to do, or to hear Simon reading to Oliver, or to listen in on their plans for . . . whatever.

It’s not just in the mornings, either. Simon will read (and try to teach Oliver to read) in the afternoon, too. They’ll race each other down the sidewalk any old time. They stay up long after bedtime talking and playing together.

I love it. I’m so grateful that they get along and that their personalities complement each other. I’m grateful that they are willing to share each other’s interests. I’m grateful that they like playing with each other so much that they don’t always need me to be there for them. I’m grateful that I get to watch this brotherhood develop.

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