grateful for beating the storm

grateful for beating the storm

It’s been cold the past few days and outfitting our children for winter has been high on my list of priorities. Both the boys had their coats from last year, of course, and while they could get them on, their wrists would have been happier if there was another inch or two of sleeve. Simon was wearing his rain jacket and his coat because the rain jacket has a hood and the coat does not. Oliver was always asking me to pull his shirt sleeves down so they came out of the coat sleeves. Elsa was being swaddled in blankets and tucked into the sling, but had no coat to speak of.

Clearly, this was not okay.

Between one thing and another, it wasn’t until this morning that we made it to the store. I bundled up the kids as best I could and we walked over to our local Children’s Place, a few blocks away. It was raining and cold and windy. Simon was holding onto the pink Tinkerbell umbrella a playground attendant had given us last time we were caught in the rain. Oliver was shielded by the stroller canopy. And Elsa was tucked under a blanket I draped over the sling. We were all pretty happy to get to the store.

I’m so glad we made it when we did. We got the coats and some hats and some jeans and went home for lunch. And then we went out again to go to the library. While we were there it started snowing. And I was grateful that, for the first time in my life, I didn’t wait until after the first snowfall to make sure we were ready for the elements. It feels like a pretty big victory for me since I’m generally beating myself up about not being on top of things like that. But this time I did it. I beat the snow by two hours. Sure, you could argue that I took it down to the wire, that it was already raining when I dragged my kids out of the house, that such things hardly constitute “being on top of things,” but two hours is two hours. I’ll take them and I’ll be grateful for every minute that my kids had coats before the snow started to fall.

(Sorry the pics aren’t great. I took them in PhotoBooth so I could send them to Micah right away.)

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  1. Elsa is so cute in that puffy coat! I was totally caught by surprise by our first snow fall this year. Luckily it didn’t take me long to find coats (and they still fit), but I had to do some digging in the car to find the ice scraper. We were only a few minutes late to preschool.

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