grateful for noises

grateful for noises

If ever Elsa sleeps so soundly that she doesn’t make any noise, I wake up. And I listen. And if I can’t hear her breathing, I get up and check on her.

Thankfully, most of the time, Elsa wakes me up with the sound of her trying to sooth herself by sucking, very loudly, on her hands.

I appreciate her efforts to keep herself quiet and satisfied. But I also appreciate her noises.

Not only the sleep-repelling sucking sounds. I like the cooing too. And, more especially, I like the laughing. At dinner yesterday, she randomly laughed. Oliver thought she was laughing at him. Simon thought she was laughing at Oliver, too. So Oliver started telling jokes to try to get her to do it again. And she did. Once. It was pretty awesome. Hilarious. Wonderful. Perfect.

I love that girl and the noises she makes.

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