grateful for good mom friends

grateful for good mom friends

Yesterday, the kids and I loaded up our double stroller with a couple of boxes of books to take to Goodwill, a few blocks away. On our way we met some friends who were on their way home from the store. While the mom and I chatted, Simon, Oliver, and the two little girls had a spontaneous playdate on Franklin Ave. They chased each other, played Ring Around the Rosy, watched the airplanes and tried to guess if they were coming or going.

Today we had Oliver’s joy school Halloween party at our house (postponed because of the hurricane). I got my apartment clean, and then the 4 other moms brought decorations, came up with activities, read stories, and made treats. I did virtually nothing while these ladies put on the greatest party a 3-year-old could ask for. It was pretty awesome.

I’m so grateful I have so many wonderful women to be friends with and to mother my kids in ways that don’t come as easily to me. I’m grateful that when we run into each other on the street our kids can play together and have a great time. I’m grateful that we get to go through this stage of motherhood together and have fun doing it.

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