grateful for the ‘hood

grateful for the ‘hood

I’m surprised.

Surprised by how much our neighborhood is growing on me. Several months ago, I hoped that by now we’d be in a position to move out of it, move on to some place better. And while we are still somewhat in the market, for the sake of Simon’s schooling, the thought of moving is not so appealing.

I don’t necessarily feel like an integral part of the community here, but I do feel like we’re getting to know our neighbors. Or at least to recognize them when they say, “Hola amigo! Como estas?!” We’re sort of making friends in our building. We’re attending neighborhood events.

It’s still a bit of a “rough” neighborhood. But it’s getting better. There are houses being bought and renovated. The rats are being evicted. Store fronts are filling up and getting face lifts.

And I’m grateful to live here and grateful that I want to live here. Grateful that it’s changing, and grateful that I’ve changed to accept it for what it is.

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