sandy sandy sandy

sandy sandy sandy

I’m going to admit that as this storm approached, we were a little bit more concerned with getting the boys’ Halloween costumes finished than we were with stocking up on food and candles. (We did refill our water storage.) We justified this confusion of priorities with the knowledge that, having just gone through our 72-hour kits a few weeks ago we could eat all those MREs if we got desperate. Other than that, our food storage basically consists of pasta, popcorn, dry chickpeas, and cocoa powder at this point.

But the costumes turned out awesome, so it was worth it. Right?

Being housebound by necessity is a lot different than being housebound by choice. Necessity seems to have some connection to “nesting” which meant I spent a lot of time baking and cleaning up after the boys, who were intent, it seemed, on getting out all the toys. And then forgetting about them.

And as recent hurricanes go, this was definitely worse than Irene last year, at least as we could see it from our windows. We actually heard the wind this time. And a tree in our neighbors backyard fell down. Our lights were flickering all evening, but we never lost power. This was a mixed blessing because as long as we have power, Micah can still “go to work” which meant that he didn’t have the day off. Good thing we are used to having him home but unavailable all day. (Boo. Hiss.)

This morning we went out to see how thing were around the neighborhood. A couple of trees were down, but mostly lots of leaves and sticks all over the ground. Many stores were closed, and it seems like they may be for a few days if the trains are down for the predicted 4-5 days.

We know that we are very lucky to live on relatively high ground, and even more lucky that we don’t have to wonder how long it will be until we get power back. I know that a lot of people along the coast are without power and dealing with crippling damages. It seems callous to say that the storm wasn’t so bad when, for a lot of people, it was/is about as bad as it could be. I hope that in the next few days we’re able to get back on our feet and help in anyway we can, just like we did last time.

But I am also very grateful that the worst thing we had to deal with was simply entertaining the possibility of damage and making plans in case something happened.

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