elsa at 3 months

elsa at 3 months

I’ve been told there are not enough pictures of Elsa on the blog. So allow me to inundate you with photos of the beautiful babe.

It’s fun to see the other babies in our ward who were born about the same time. They all are looking more like real people these days. Meanwhile, I think Elsa looks your classic, generic, Gerber baby. Very babyish.

The boys have been really excited to see Elsa roll over since she celebrated her 3-month day last week. Last night we put her on her tummy on the bed and watched as she very slowly (like, over the course of 20 minutes) rolled over. We tried it again right away and she rolled over in about 20 seconds. This morning she was kind enough to reward the boys with another good, solid roll.

She is smiling more and almost laughing, and is happy to give someone a smile if they smile at her first. But for the most part, she still seems content to sit quietly and observe. I can relate to that. I appreciate it.

And, as always, she is a good sport about the brotherly love she receives. Even when it means she’s being steamrolled or rocked like metronome dial. The boys like to include her in their games as much as possible, and she rarely complains.

She’s a good baby. A good, good baby.

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